Wisconsin Hickory Golfers

2018 Hickory Tournament Schedule

May 18-19 – Galesburg, Ill. - Gutty All American – Soangetaha County Club established 1895.
Two day Gutty event with a practice round May 17th
June 2nd – Lake Hallie – One day event Hickory event
June 23 – Tuscumbia - One day event Hickory event
July 19-21 – Eagle Springs – Two day Gutty Event with a practice round Thursday
August 4 – LaBelle - One day Hickory event
August 25 – Thornberry - One day Hickory event
September 28-30 – Lawsonia - Wisconsin Hickory Open – two day Hickory event with a practice round on Thursday
October 6 – Cherokee Challenge - One day Hickory event

About Society of Hickory Golfers (SoHG)

For us, there’s nothing quite like the game of hickory golf. It's our passion for the game that led to the creation of the SoHG, forming an organizing body for hickory golf. The SoHG coordinates competitions, establishes standards for play and, most importantly, brings together fans of the "royal and ancient" game from all over the globe. It’s all for a love of the game.

Why Join SoHG?
You’ll find a comradeship here like no other. Members who share an enthusiasm for the rich history and traditions of golf and who bring those values to the golf course. Like-minded people who love the distinctive feel of golf with hickory-shafted clubs. Connection to a wealth of resources on equipment, history, a handicapping service and regional groups where you can experience the joy of simply getting out to play with your hickory clubs. Plus, there’s the challenge of tournament play on historic courses for golfers of all skill levels.

The benefits of SoHG membership include:
* Fellowship of people who are passionate about the game
* Monthly e-newsletter and bi-annual "Wee Nip" magazine
* Hickory handicap on our website
* Qualification for play in the U.S. Hickory Open
* SoHG bag tag and more!

Join SoHG: