Event Directors Planning Session. Really?

Recently, our Event Directors received an urgent call from our leader, Mr. Bill “Ernie” Ernst. “What are you doing next Saturday? Want to play golf? This would be a good time for an Event Directors Planning Session.”

-Well, okay, sure. Where?

Ernie asked, “Have you ever heard of Sand Valley?”

-Of course. But it’s not open yet.

Ernie exclaimed, “Well, I had a talk with the pro and we have a tee time mid-morning. See you there.”

Well, as most already know, San Valley is the first of four courses planned in the heart of the state, in proximity to the Lake Arrowhead Courses.

Once we turned off the main road, it was clear that we would have preferred a dune buggy for this portion of the journey. The sand road turned into gravel. Eventually, we came upon a crossroads. Hmmm. Straight? Turn left? Turn right? The mystery was quickly resolved as a course representative was sitting on a bench in the middle of the intersection. “Golf, right?” Yup. “Well, turn left, and keep going, you’ll come to the entrance.” Turn left, we did, and kept going. Eventually, we came upon what appeared to be the entrance and we turned left. Eureka, we have found the entrance. Now, just follow the road, right? Right, what other choice is there?

We soon came upon a “parking lot”, where a gentleman stopped us and asked if we were playing. He identified himself as one of our caddies and informed us that Ernie and Doc were already on the putting green.

It is difficult to describe our experience and we won’t try. While our Photo Historian, Jenn Koss-Hansen, wasn’t available, our iPhones will have to suffice.

Sand Valley has been described as “…a thrilling dunescape…”. An understatement is there ever was one. Dramatic elevational changes. Is this Earth? Sand. More sand. Eighty to one hundred foot high dunes. Beautiful fairways. Mammoth greens. Monster bunkers. Walking only. No cart paths. Great caddies. Hospitality supreme. In short, a totally amazing, yet fun experience.

While it’s obviously too early to pick a favorite yet, No. 4 is a never-ending par-5 and No. 8 looks like the best hole at this point – a tricky uphill par-3 with a big, big green.

By the way, we did discuss our agenda and will update everyone –during the lunch break or at dinner – at Doc’s “fun” event, June 25, Tuscumbia. If you haven’t already registered for Greg & Steve’s WI GUTTY, July 21-23, don’t hesitate. We have invited Mr. Mike Just as our guest and he has agreed to attend. Next, plan on Jim’s event, August 20, Thornberry Creek at Oneida, host venue to the LPGA 2017-2019. Jim is serving authentic Bangers & Mash for brunch. And, needless to state, the big one, September 22-24, US Hickory Open at Lawsonia Links.


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