Honorable Company of Hickory Golfers


Denny Lane will be hosting his Spring gathering of the Honorable Company of Hickory Golfers at Hillcrest golf course in Washington, Illinois on Sat., April 28, 2018.

It is a Pre-1900 event with both Park and Braid gutty balls.  This is a great event and a perfect venue to get your Pre-1900 game ready for the All American Hickory Open.

There will also be a practice round and 5 hole “Feathery” event on Friday, April 27th.

For more information contact Denny at:  dennylane@gmailcom.


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Brian Weis is the Publisher of GolfTrips.com. When he is not traveling, golfing and writing about amazing golf destinations, he is moonlighting as a novice hickory golf enthusiast. He started off playing replicas (Louisville and Tad Moore) and now plays originals (Stewarts). Brian was hooked on hickories after puring his first shot in 2015.

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