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May 1-2, 2020Honorable Company Of Hickory Golfers Event:

Mark your calendar:

Friday, May 1st will be 12 hole Feathery with 9 hole gutty to follow. If time permits maybe more.

The Feathery balls will be provided. Only woods are used and a few clubs will be provided.

May 2nd will be at Hillcrest in Washington, Ill. That is where Feathery is played along with gutty practice round.

If guys don’t have smooth face clubs don’t worry, we have always played the park ball with grooved irons and it really is all about the ball.

We just want players to come enjoy the course and join in the fun. Of course we have a few sets of smooth face to loan if they would like to try.

Any questions please contact Denny Lane at 309-264-1098 or email him at Dennyelane@gmail.com

Costs are still TBD. BUT HILLCREST IS UNDER $20. And Metamora is around $50.  Then we ask for about $20 for us for food and other expenses.

First time players are awarded the Honorable Company of Hickory Golfers embroidered towels with our logo on it.




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Brian Weis is the Publisher of GolfTrips.com. When he is not traveling, golfing and writing about amazing golf destinations, he is moonlighting as a novice hickory golf enthusiast. He started off playing replicas (Louisville and Tad Moore) and now plays originals (Stewarts). Brian was hooked on hickories after puring his first shot in 2015.

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