Tatum Ranch Golf Club 3 Way Hickory Match


The Tatum Ranch Hickory Sticks hosted 10 players from Sun City West and 4 players from Chaparral Pines in a 3 way hickory match on April 17, 2019 at Tatum Ranch Golf Club.  Many of the participating players are members of the Wisconsin Hickory Group or have close ties.

Speaking of Ties, Chaparral Pines, in their first ever “match” came out with a 6 -6 tie vs Tatum Ranch.
Sun City West didn’t fare as well, losing the coveted “Belt” for the summer to the players from the Tatum Ranch Hickory Sticks.  Final score 10 1/2 to 9 1/2.
A total of 33 players enjoyed beautiful weather and wonderful camaraderie at Tatum Ranch Golf Club.
One of the new ways that Tatum Ranch is sharing the hickory golf experience is by taking a group of their players to an interested club and playing a 2 person scramble with members of the interested club.  One player from Tatum pairs up with a member of the new club and they both then play out of the Tatum members bag.  It is a great opportunity to share the hickory game, help them hit the correct club and introduce new members to hickory golf.  It looks like hickory golf is getting ready to take off at Chaparral Pines because of this new program.  In the fall, Tatum hopes to expand this program to other clubs in the Phoenix, AZ area.

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Brian Weis is the Publisher of GolfTrips.com. When he is not traveling, golfing and writing about amazing golf destinations, he is moonlighting as a novice hickory golf enthusiast. He started off playing replicas (Louisville and Tad Moore) and now plays originals (Stewarts). Brian was hooked on hickories after puring his first shot in 2015.

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